How it works

Arrival and set up – 

We arrive one hour before your start time to set up the camper van photo booth.  Ideally we need space for the camper van and a gazebo although we can do bookings without the gazebo if necessary.

Electrics –

Access to electrics is preferable, we have plenty of cables to reach to either an outside electrical point or through a window inside.  If no electrics are available then we do have a generator we can use.  This is handy especially for tipee and marquee bookings.

Props –

With 3 suitcases full of fun props we have plenty of choice for your guests.  Wigs, hats, glasses, stick props, signs and inflatables are all available to use on the day.

The Photo Booth –

The fun part.  Our photo booth is very spacious, it can fit up to 9 people inside at a time.  Once your guests have selected their props, they jump inside the camper van and take a seat.  When ready they press the start button on our 21.5 inch touch screen and our camera takes 4 pictures with an 8 second gap between pictures.  This 8 second gap is just enough time to quickly change outfits with each other.

Print outs –

Your pictures are printed instantly within seconds of the photos being taken.  Our print outs are 9×6 inches which is large for a photo booth.


Guest Book –

The ultimate package comes with a cream leather guest book.  Every time the photo booth is used two prints will come out, we stick one in your guest book for your friends and family to sign messages to you, the other copy goes to your guests to take home.

Professional Lighting – 

With studio quality lighting inside the camper we regularly hear guests commenting on the picture quality.

Facebook upload –

We can upload your pictures to our Facebook page so your guests can comment and tag themselves in the photos.

USB memory stick – 

You will receive a USB memory stick with all the digital images from your photo booth experience.

Winter Bookings – 

We work all year round and our set up helps us do that.  Raining? We have a gazebo. Windy? Gazebo side panels provide shelter. Cold? patio heaters and fluffy throws will keep your guests toasty.