About Picabo!


The Birth of ‘Picabo’

We’re Picabo! A young vibrant photography business with two awesome 70’s VW photo booth’s – the Picabus’.

Picabo was founded by brother and sister team Will and Georgie Harrison. Georgie’s middle name is Picabo, after the renowned American Olympic skier ‘Picabo Street’ who hailed from Idaho near a small village called Picabo. It is a red Indian name meaning Silver Water.

Georgie has always had a strong interest in photography. She developed a studio at home and through word of mouth, this started to snowball, and then with the help of Social Media, her name spread and Picabo Photography was born.

Will, having already obtained a BSc degree, came from a background of computer games design which then led into other areas of digital media including animation, photo editing, and photography. A convergence of these skills led him to team up with his younger sister to come up with the idea of the Picabus – the mobile photo booth.

The original Picabus is a 1971, lovingly restored left hand drive Californian VW Camper Van modified to be a funky photo booth. Our new addition to the family is our 1973 South African VW Camper Van.  She looks and functions in the same way as the original VW but has a classy cream interior.  Photo shoots, whether formal, serious, fun or quirky can be carried out on your driveway or at the function of your choice.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about hiring the VW photo booth